Egor Abramenko

In 1995 Egor’s dad went abroad for work bringing back what was to become the first ever VHS tape in their family - it was Jurassic Park. Having watched it a million times over, Egor subliminally decided to do the same. When a few years later he got his Sony Hi8 as a present, he couldn’t stop filming everything he saw: his parents, friends, his cat. Egor also tried his hand at photography and when he moved to Moscow, he got into the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. Egor believes that it is essential for a director to create cinematic worlds for the viewer to lose oneself in. If it weren’t for film-making, Egor would have become a palaeontologist. His wish is to shoot a film from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise so that he could be able to whistle Zimmer’s theme song during change of set.